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Initial Consultation - $0
Before we start working together we would like to offer you a consultation. Working with health and coaching creates a wide array of choices on therapies, exercises regimes, body flows, treatments, coaching, lifestyle philosophies on eating, moving and basically how to live your life. Our idea is to give you the first consultation for free so that we together find out what is best suitable for you, to summarize your current situation and create a sustainable plan for improved health. After the consultation you will get a summary of what we discussed and what we believe would be the best path for you to move forward. You can come for consultation at our center in Chiang Mai or we can do it online. Please specify location in your booking.
Therapeutic Treatment - $50
Therapeutic Treatment is the collective name of the lifelong experience based treatment form we apply at Living with The Spirit.It is based on Swedish Classic Massage, advanced manual therapy assessment and treatments, therapeutic stretches, sport massage, deep-tissue myofascial massage,Chi Nei Tsang, Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM cupping massage and a mixture between corrective exercises and holistic lifestyle coaching in order to stay healthy in the long run.

No treatment is alike and we always work on the combination of what you want and feel in a holistic mixture, in order to give you a comprehensive treatment approach. The combination of experience and intuition creates for a dynamic and comprehensive style of treatment.

At the end of each session you will get some advices and/or a e-mail summary sent to you depending on your needs.
Holistic Lifestyle Coaching - $50
We dig deep into recovery, nutritional habits, happiness and mindset as well as your current physical activity level and organ status so that we can create a long lasting healthy lifestyle for you. Whether it is regarding your career, your home environment, your social aspects, trauma, your physical status or if it is emotional, psychological, nutritional, energetically or financial we weigh in all factors in our assessments and take the necessary steps to improve your health.

Holistic health is about balancing all different areas of life equal. Your general life direction, your diet, your sleep and rest habits, your physical exercise habits and your mental health. By careful assessments and practical tools we address our clients health in a holistic manner. Bridging Mind-Body-Spirit is important to us to feel whole in today’s modern fast paced society and we do so by being the best and healthiest version of ourselves everyday.

Personal Training - $50
You will have a coach 100% focused on making you feel better, get better technique, healthier lifestyle routines, nutritional plans and guide you safely through each area. Avoid injuries or setbacks that can occur if one is not properly informed on how to adapt a new physical exercise regime. We are specialized in sports rehab, recovery from injuries and surgeries and athletic prehabilitation and performance.

We are focused on the individuals needs and will go in depth to get you more vital, have more energy, feel stronger and really be able to work in your own pace. This is perfect for you who wants full attention from your coach, if you have previous injuries, specific goals, or time frames of your preference for the sessions and for you who is looking to have personal support in your journey

We use a personal mix of physical exercise coaching, custom made nutritional and exercise programs for your home environment, at the gym, online or where ever you choose to operate from. You can come visit us in Chiang Mai, get tailored programs for traveling or use our services online.
Holistic Detox - $50
Holistic Detox is not only about the benefits of a fasting protocol it is also about cleansing the body-mind-soul, having a strong functional body, an empty mind and a loving heart. We believe in working in a holistic approach because all aspects is of absolute importance for transforming your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body.

In our Holistic Detox we create an individual detox program for you based on your current health status, experience and needs and you have our support through the whole process. The program can be done at our center or online.
Nutrition Habits - $50
Food can either be medicine or food can be very unhealthy. As nature intended, our food is our medicine and will allow the body to heal itself as it was designed to do. Food will help to heal you if the food is whole, plant-based food from nature.
Do you get the right amount of macronutrients on a daily basis? Do you hydrate enough? Have you been tested for fungus and parasites? Is your diet supporting you with sufficient energy to live your lifestyle to its fullest potential? Do you want healthy nutrition habits to support a holistic weight loss? Everything you eat will be used to replace each cell of your body into a new version of you. We wish to help you support a positive curvature of health.

Diet and hydration is a key factor in our everyday health. We use an organic plant based diet free from sugar and gluten, raw food, herbs, tinctures, detox and fasting protocols to heal our body from the inside and out. Our food is our medicine and can allow the body to heal itself. We also address your eating habits, your relationship to food and mindful eating. Are you looking for a nutrition coach in Chiang Mai or online please set up a free consultation and we will find out what we can do for you.
Holistic Health Evaluation - $195
The health Evaluation is an essential part for any Lifestyle Transformation journey because it give you as a recipient a in-depth view of the different areas of your health and how they together create a holistic way forward. You will fill out a number of questionnaires, food and energy levels log which will raise your awareness about the choices you are making in your everyday life and how they impact your health.
This evaluation is for everybody and anyone who seeks to raise their awareness regarding the vast many choices and actions that defines you as a person. It will also show you how you are regulating your mental, emotional, physical energy levels and how the result of your lifestyle is creating your vitality.

We give you an in depth analysis of the status of your Holistic Health. The evaluation is based of a number of in depth questionnaires, physical tests, Iridology reading and one to one consultation and will give you a status of your health and quality of your life. You will receive a written report of your key aspects within Body, Mind and Spirit, focusing on the issues that gives you the most significant value for your health. We offer this evaluation at our center in Chiang Mai or online

Health Evaluation Chiang Mai – 195 USD

Health Evaluation Online – 130 USD


Movement Patterns Workshop - $0
Aug 29 at 6.15 PM and Sept 4 at 10.00 AM (will replace the regular Movement Patterns Class that week)
This workshop will cover how we move in everyday life and the results we can get from certain lifestyle patterns. We will address how to undo tension, increase mobility in our muscles, joints in a fun and intuitive way together in a group format.

-The three keys to efficient movements
--Breathing patterns
--Muscular tension control
--Movement speed

-Muscular tensions & knots
--How they arise?
--How do they manifest in the body?
--How to release them

-Joint and spinal mobility
--Understanding ROM-Range Of Motion
--How does the joints move?
--How can we make movement fun?

-Movement drills to:
-Increase circulation in muscles
-Increase ROM in joints and spine
-Breathing exercises
-Muscular relaxation techniques
Balancing Your Lifestyle Workshop - $0
September 5 at 15.00 PM at Living with The Spirit
September 12 at 18.15 PM at Living with The Spirit
This is the workshop for you who is feeling like you want to add or make some lifestyle changes that will give you: more energy, joy, focus, less stressful behaviors, improve your nutritional habits, improved sleep & restorative habits, tools to reduce conflicts in relationships and within ourselves. The aim is to provide a concrete overview into your lifestyle and how you can practically balance it by introducing daily practices that have the potential to change your lifestyle.

-Life Perspectives
-4 pillars of health
--Nutrition/Holistic Detox
--Emotional regulation

-Grounding Meditation
-Morning & Evening routine
-How to heal your body with food
-Good sleeping habits
-Breathing exercises for relaxation
-Posturing improving exercises
Stress Management Workshop - $0
Aug 29 at 14.30 AM - Living with The Spirit
Sept 7 at 11.00 AM - Living with The Spirit
Sept 11 at 15.00 PM - Living with The Spirit
We will cover our personal and professional view on stress from many different lifestyle perspectives and how you can practically deal with the stress in your daily life.
There are many different tools in dealing as well as preventing stress to overtake our health and life that we will share during this workshop so that you can address them right away with daily practices.

This workshop will cover:
-What is stress?
-How stress affects the body
-Stressors and lifestyle
-Stress VS Recovery
-Where am I on the scale?
-Practical Coping
--Short term Coping
--Long term Coping

Practical Tools
-Grounding meditations
-Exercises to ground yourself
-Daily “check-ins” to stay ahead of the stress curve going up
-How to create a “safe space” in you home
-How you can cultivate this ambience into your everyday life
-Reducing stress at work, in school, in relationships, in sports and other areas as well.


Movement Patterns - $0
Wednesdays at 10AM.
We use flow drills to warm up our joints, muscles and to get everything active for the session. Then we move on to doing more combined strength and flexibility increasing sequences. And we finish by using tools like foam roller, pressure point balls, resistance band that we use for releasing tight muscle knots and limbering up stiff joints.

Our focus for this class is:
-Movement patterns for increased body flow
-Active mobility exercises for improved health and range of motion
-Foam rolling and pressure point ball for myofascial pressure points

This class is perfect to perform on rest days, as part of a active recovery or just in order to create a relaxed state of mind and body by using simple exercises and tools.

This workout is suitable for everyone regardless of previous physical activity levels and we are all about community so maybe you will meet a new training partner or just enjoy the company of the group at hand.

Heart Work Pays Off ♥

/Sara & Simba
Circuit Workout - $5
Tuesdays 6pm & Fridays 10.15am - 150thb
Join us for a fun time based circle workout routine using Kettlebells, battle ropes, slam balls, TRX, bodyweight exercises and much more to get a happy and sweaty finish of the week. The class will be suited for all fitness levels, whether you are beginner or advanced, and will last about 1 hour.

We will focus on
- A joint warm up using agility ladders and mobility exercises
- Workout in circle format mixing strength, balance, muscular and cardiovascular endurance
- A cool down session with stretching and breathing exercises
- Having a really good time with nice music and enjoying the start of the weekend

We will do this class on Tuesdays at 7pm for 6 weeks starting June 18.
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